So This is Where We Stand?
by Giovanni Burrascano

"Our political leaders and corporate elite are grappling with keeping afloat, our current economic system and way of life. There is still hope, when considering the many people who give their time to community service and financial contributions, to social and environmental causes."

So, writes Montreal-educated Burrascano, who vividly expresses grave concern about the future of Western thinking, noting that such thinking has changed dramatically in the last 500 years–and not necessarily for the betterment of mankind. The author focuses on for social and environmental issues, of which he would like to see improvement globally.

Burrascano calls out to leaders of Western education systems to overhaul their curriculum to encompass extensive history, and social and environmental science, specifically in specialized fields. He reasons that students would then acquire a comprehensive understanding of how and where to apply their expertise globally. Life is a long journey, according to Burrascano, and many of us have not taken time to assess the world’s status.

So This is Where We Stand? extols the virtues of how Western thinking has spatially diffused geographically, and shaped the present global situation–of which Burrascano characterizes as the Western colonization of the globe. The author further details the framework of his thinking via various chapters in the book, such as the General Systems Theory, The Scientific Revolution, The Westernization of the Globe, and so forth.

Burrascano concludes that, among other observations, it is time we integrate our souls with nature,  and seek spirituality, empathy, a heightened respect for people’s rights, self-respect, dignity, and a lifestyle in sync with the natural pace of humans. We all possess innate goodness, the author states, and this trait plays a key role in the journey towards a better Western and global society.

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