"Every human being has a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimension."

In a book of 90 pages, the exploration revolves around the “humanity of policing” by way of exploring four dimensions of a person. It is written not only for law enforcement but also for civilians who are policed or who work in concert with the police. It is divided into four parts with the first part offering a pre-test regarding cultural competency, spirituality, and ethics. With these exercises, there are many blank spaces for the reader to complete their responses in the book. Part 2 examines the basic information regarding these social aspects, while Part 3 focuses on training tips. Finally, Part 4 has a post-test, self-assessment questionnaire, which is the same work as the pre-test. This is followed by a review which is written to test your knowledge.

This book is written as a training guide to use with policing and, therefore, will have a select audience. Yet those who work with the police such as school employees, counselors, ministers, and basic citizens can benefit from this guide when having interactions with law enforcement. The guide is easily read with handy information. There is also information utilized from other researchers which aids in the presentation and professionalism of the book. The pre-test and post-test offer a helpful way to see if one’s learning has changed beliefs. Due to its simplicity, it may not be of much use for those who have been in the policing community for a while. However, as a basic guide, it could be valuable for those who are just beginning their work of policing, and it could also be used as an adjunct to other readings on these topics.

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