Solitary Refinement
by James A. Landry
Lettra Press, LLC

"The project is not about renewable energy; it is, instead, as it is named, about advanced energy."

Mackenzie “Mack” King is an enigmatic expert on information science and a futurist with experience as a defense consultant and think tank contributor. When he is recruited to a top secret team looking to find new sources of energy, his life is changed forever. When the disruptive technologies they deploy also unleash environmental disasters, he begins a whistleblower mission that endangers his life while he endeavors to save the earth.

This thorough exploration of energy resources draws from real-world scenarios and includes all the stakeholders at play in the field, including big business, big government, and greedy opportunists. Mack brings us an insider's view of the planning and implementation that goes into a task force gathering to implement new drilling and probing on the ocean floor to find new sources of energy. Landry’s knowledge of energy uses and abuses, as well as alternatives and renewables, is evident in the character development of Mack and the authentic dialogue of the task force meetings.

What begins as a treatise on energy policy turns more sinister in the second half of the book, and the action intensifies as Mack faces death threats that require him to go into witness protection when his whistleblower report is made public. Landry ramps up the suspense and villainous behavior of the project director alongside the heroic efforts of Mack to counteract the environmental devastation with biomass and biofuel initiatives. At times, the plot is weighed down by the overwhelming policy information, scientific information, and protocols inside of the task force meetings. Landry doesn’t miss a detail of Mack’s top-secret work on a team of experts trying to solve the energy problem. The ultimate result is eco-fiction with a streak of activism. Landry generates urgency to act and speak out against those sacrificing the earth to gain profits and power.

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