Songs Unspoken (2)
by Frank Alexander Wray
Trafford Publishing

"I wrote this book from my observations of those placed in confinement and left with a heavy heart. Hopefully, these words will some day show the reader that a wrong direction taken in a dreadful storm can be overcome with love, trust and kindness all within a safe environment."

This collection of poetry is written as a testament to those who are unable to speak for themselves; for those who have been abused, disenfranchised and abandoned; those innocent people who have been wrongfully committed or imprisoned.

The book's first section is devoted to the homeless adults and children that wander the streets in too many cities throughout the world. The poems "Man in a Box" and "The Bag Lady" capture the loneliness and despair of two urban Bedouins as they stumble aimlessly through their life, shunned by passersby who prefer to turn a blind eye to their plight and rush back to the comfort of their homes. In section two, dedicated to the abused, the poem "The Closet" stands out for its portrayal of the cost of survival. The third section reminds us of those who are hospitalized for their mental anguish. "Isolation" is imbued with the terror and powerlessness of the victim whose human rights are stripped away. The final poem, "The Innocent," speaks loudly for those who are unjustly imprisoned in the penal system, with little hope of taking back their innocent lives.

Be prepared to take a journey through the gamut of heartrending emotions experienced only by those who known they have done nothing wrong, yet still they must carry the burden of undue punishment and defeat. Wary has encapsulated the terror, humiliation and sorrow of people who are brutally abused and then abandoned every day. His words remind us that we have a duty to help these survivors. They also force us to face the frightening truth that one day we may inadvertently become one of them.

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