Soul Side Out: Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life
by Summer Bozohora
PageTurner Press and Media

"Self-healing presumes the essential strength, wisdom and integrity of people who live a life in service to Source."

Bozohora's text is a comprehensive and well-researched guide for individuals seeking a substantial life driven by the soul's desire for unity and unconditional affection. More importantly, the universal laws included are not just derived from case studies. They stem from the author's own life experiences both as a faction of the wealthy elite as well as her time in India, where she witnessed poverty at its most extreme. To help the reader absorb and take actionable steps, the author, inspired by her reflection journals, asks probing, introspective questions at the end of each chapter.

Unquestionably, the author's focus is on helping the layman tap into the essence of the spirit and heal. For Bozohora, the written word and art were her escapes from the trauma of child abuse. What makes this work interesting is its appeal to both a science-minded and a non-science-minded audience. For the former, she has infused her work with empirical and qualitative research that creates important terms like symptom imperative and references to reliable bodies of healthcare knowledge like the American Medical Association. Conversely, for the non-science-minded, she focuses strongly on vignettes and breaking free from their many shades of fear through conditioning activities like art therapy programming and understanding the multicultural views of mental illness.

With the workbook's help, the author conveys that humanity is part of one energy. By being awakened from their spiritual stupor, audiences will begin to grasp that both positive and negative energy are essentially byproducts of one's actions, and thus are manifested into the stories and meaning that we give them. Using the IN-OWT method that begins with immersion and culminates with trust, readers that live in perennial fear will now have a useful roadmap to gauge their progress and to chip away at their soul-self.

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