Soulja's Story
by Mr. A.I.T.
Trafford Publishing

"I got money, but I'm still hood believe that."

Soulja's story is an Indiana ex-con's recollection of his re-entry into the dark world of crime. After being released from prison, he hits the street with a vengeance—immediately robbing a bank and knocking over Slick the big drug man in town. Soulja's life is chock full of non-stop sex, drugs, and violence. However, Soulja's hunger for the trophies of the rich soon places him on the wrong side of the cuban mafia (Slick's suppliers), the local police force, and federal agents. The murder of his baby momma and kidnapping of his kids, backs Soulja into a corner with one way out—through anyone or anything that stands in his way.

Not alone in his fearless rise to the top, Soulja's eclectic team supports his every move. Christine, a.k.a. Special, is his ride or die chick and lover, a silent assassin that relentlessly stalks his enemies taking them out of the game one by one, cementing his position as the man to be. Soulja's machine gun toting cousin, sweeps in for a dramatic rescue, just when it seems everything is falling apart. Soulja beats the odds in a most unrealistic way, leading one to believe that his story is a mere representation of the perfect gangster dream—breaking all the laws, outsmarting the police, and walking away with the glory, the guns, the money, and the drugs.

Mr. A.I.T. serves up a story of steely eyed sociopaths loyal only to the code of the street—survival of the fittest. Writers can achieve a seamless integration of the language of the street with proper punctuation and spelling, but the dialect in this tale requires multiple re-reads for comprehension. Overall the story line is ripe with potential, but the difficult delivery could cause readers frustration.

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