Space Nutrition
by Scott M. Smith, Janis Davis-Street,
Lisa Neasbitt, and Sara R. Zwart Trafford Publishing

"The main job of NASA's Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory is to determine how much of each nutrient astronauts need to eat while they are in space."

Presenting information taken from newsletters and condensing it into textbook, this first installment on Space Nutrition is sure to interest any scientifically minded child or change up the curriculum of middle school science classes. Focusing first on the history of space travel, primarily NASA's efforts, this book also covers the scientific method, and a close look at nutrition before bringing all of these concepts together and discussing what kinds of considerations are given to preparing a balanced diet for astronauts. Even the most space-obsessed students are sure to learn something new with this look provided directly from some of the scientists responsible for tackling these problems for NASA. The back of the book also offers suggestions for teaching methods that instructors can use to present this material in a classroom environment.

With bright pictures and fun facts on many of the pages, this book balances its serious, instructional tone with a presentation that is easy to grasp and comprehend. Based on the complexity of the subject matter and the language used in the book, the best target age range is between 11 and 14, or grades 5 through 8. Thanks to the insight provided by the authors who are so close to the concepts and development of the subject, even adults are likely to learn a number of things they probably never thought about, including what happens to certain foods in space, how to create certain nutrients within the body, and what the favorite space food of astronauts is.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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