Spain's Savage Samurai 
by Robert Davies 
Trafford Publishing

"Nothing much bugs the well-heeled cliente of the renowned 'Wellies' restaurant and bar, in the chic anchorage of Puerto Portas on the paradise island of Majorca."

Robert Davies's Spain's Savage Samurai is a novel about the next generation of the Japanese underground crime world, and all grown up, and making its presence known in the Mediterranean on the island of Majorca. Sex, crime, and intrigue are rampant throughout the book, but at its heart this is the story of three young men, school friends, who find themselves out and about in the world trying to achieve success on all levels of its definitions.

Interesting are that the themes of cultural rifts and identity develop from the very beginning of the book when we are introduced to the three main characters, young Asian men who adopt the Western names of "Freddy," "Sam," and "Andy," as they begin their mission, in earnest, to become the next crime bosses of the Mediterranean. What happens next is a landslide of events that involve international crime rings from all over the globe. The setting—the glitz of the Spanish islands—is finely detailed in all the book's scenes as they are set on luxurious yachts and ports, where haute cuisine is served to beautiful, bikini clad women, and handsome gentlemen in designer clothes. These, and various other elements, sparkle throughout the book. The story then returns to that of the main protagonist, Andy—rather, Andoryuu—and how he makes his way through the horrible crime world and his childhood friends who do not, and the terrible price they pay.

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