"Filling the bath with water, I swallowed every drug I had ever been prescribed and waited for my breathing to slow down."

Jamiel is a Lebanese-Australian boy eager to enjoy life and learn all that society has to offer, but he has a hard time fitting in. Undiagnosed as an autistic, he goes through life struggling with human interactions and experiencing deep depression stemming from feelings of inadequacy brought on by teachers, peers, and family members. Struggling to find his place in the world, Jamiel tries living abroad, going to university, and attempting suicide as means to make sense of his life. Through the support of loved ones and an attitude that musters moments of understanding and fearlessness, he becomes a renowned DJ, a successful businessman, and even someone who champions justice and tries to make the world a better place.

With plenty of drama, tragedy, and innocence corrupted, the first part of Jamiel’s story is revealed in this book. The narrative of this story always has a surprise in store for the reader. As Jamiel grows up dealing with the self-destructive qualities of his mind, the book’s prologue tells us that better days are coming for the young man. When things are going well for him, we know that a greater tragedy is around the corner. The book opens with Jamiel helping a young woman he employs named Adrienne from dealing with an abusive home life with her mother. From this early chapter, we see that Jamiel grows up and despite some awkward mannerisms is able to run his own business and fend for himself. This gives the reader the knowledge that things will work out for Jamiel, but there are still plenty of surprises in store for the various challenges that he must deal with. With compassion and heart, this book addresses the realities of life with autism in a story that is both incredible and true.

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