Spirit of the Sky Walkers
by Philip I. Moynihan

"With wings we are unconstrained. With wings we are literally above the world, seeing things no one else has seen over ground where no one has ever walked."

A lone pilot is a "Sky Walker," or one who is "walking in the sky," according to Moynihan in his new memoir. With his endearing book, Moynihan explores the intrigue and wonder of aviation, delving into our centuries-old fascination with flight. He considers its mythology, along with its history and evolution. For Moynihan, flying is "a magical experience." He shares select accounts of airborne adventures spanning more than three decades with his co-pilot and wife, Penny.

His flying dreams begin naturally as a nine-year-old in the clover field near his Vermont home. In adulthood, he and Penny's mutual love for the skies originates on a trip to Mexico with friends. The serious commitment to learning to fly leads them to the purchase of a Mooney plane and thus travels throughout North America. They acknowledge the rarity of Penny as a licensed woman pilot, accepting an invitation to join the international women pilots organization, the Ninety-Nines. This enriches them further with new opportunities. They are fortunate to soar across international boundaries and to encounter diverse cultures and countries. They see "vast landscapes from high above the ground with no surrounding walls."

Though Moynihan's narrative sometimes meanders and is heavy on details of memorable trips and historical background, it is still a charming and accessible read. He imparts his enthusiasm for piloting, leaving the reader a bit envious of the unique opportunities to tour "extraordinary and faraway places" that many will never visit. But he reminds his audience also of the complete dedication to the craft, its dangers, and pitfalls. Each chapter is prefaced by poems to give readers "a more intuitive feel" and convey the "ethereal enchantment" of flying. His book will likely remind readers of their childlike dreams as it celebrates the wonders and beauty of our planet.

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