Sterling and the Book of Miracles
by Pam Dabon

"‘The Book of Miracles not only contains the prayers of the innocents but also the future miracles Father has ordained for each prayer request.’"

A sweet little book of 100 pages, the author’s novel tells the story of Sterling, a shy young girl who loves to read and who will be graduating from middle school. As her parents will be out of town, she goes to stay with her aunt where she becomes involved with mysterious adventures in a higher realm where her aunt tells her that “phenomena happen.” On her adventure, she meets Luna and Mimsie, both angels, who need Sterling to help them get back the stolen Book of Miracles. The “Father” is the “father of all living creatures” who has chosen her to be his human helper to help the Innocents—aka humans. On this adventure, she meets up with darkness but is told that she must not worry because darkness is always overcome by lightness, and she utilizes prayer to help them on the journey.

A book for preteens, this is a fun and whimsical story about goodness, darkness, fantasies, and higher guidance. It is about both good and fallen angels and their interactions with humans. While there is a Christian religious focus with a few scripture references, this is unlikely to overwhelm non-Christian readers. With beautiful descriptions of Earth and the other realms, it paints a lovely picture of the here and now as well as of the transcendent. The descriptions of the armor used by Sterling and the angels in their battles will also be easily relatable to this age group. In the end, was this just a dream or had Sterling really experienced these adventures? Only the reader will know for sure.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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