Stewie the Eagle
by Dane A. Stewart

"For years people have seen Stewie as an icon of beauty, bravery, courage, honor, pride, determination, and grace."

Children will learn about Stewie the Eagle in this colorful picture book. Combining facts and fiction, this book is a mix of the comical and the serious. With information about eagles, such as a few of their habits and information about their nests, Stewart gives young readers some details to spark interest in the birds. Adding some funny moments, such as Stewie trying not to laugh at his own jokes and carrying a dinosaur in his beak in an illustration, the book manages to entertain as it informs. The book also addresses the qualities that people ascribe to eagles and paves the way to a discussion of symbolism. Eagles are revered in some cultures, and this book describes some of the qualities people have assigned to eagles in general as well as those that form Stewie’s own personality. Among many other qualities, Stewie is determined, clever, and dominates his territory. He also likes to play and tell jokes sometimes.

The text itself is often written artistically, with some words in a larger font, colored, and/or placed poetically. This complements the illustrations well to entertain young readers. The book also uses many big words that can serve to introduce new vocabulary. Altogether, this is a fun read which can be enjoyed by younger children. Whether a reader is already a fan of eagles or is curious to learn more about them, this picture book can introduce a lot of the basic concepts in a fun—and sometimes funny—way. Colorful illustrations and artistic word placements add visual interest to this cute book.

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