". . . knowing people that have been where the small business owner has plans to go can save both time and money."

Small businesses make up the backbone of the American economy, and it’s a common goal for people to want to be their own boss and pursue their dreams. But owning and operating a business can be a volatile situation, one which demands not only time and energy but serious capital as well. In this book, the author outlines ways in which owners and managers of independent businesses can cooperate with the United States Government in order to obtain work and projects that will keep them in business and growing in a reliable, consistent manner. Backed by data and the experiences of those who have already followed this path, readers will be able to identify new opportunities that will give them the stability and income that their businesses no doubt need.

Much of the knowledge in this book comes from a series of interviews that the author did with entrepreneurs and business people who have followed the path that the text offers up as a helpful guide. As a result, every claim is backed by data and incidental knowledge that directly applies to each point and concept presented throughout the book. Peppered in throughout those interview responses are tables full of valuable data and a plethora of resources that lead to further reading by any readers who want to learn more about this process of being a government contractor. While the ideas may be harder to apply depending on the plan and identity of each individual business, the information is flexible enough to create a launching point that will lead to increased funds and the flexibility to follow that great American dream of business ownership. Tailored for readers already involved in the process of creating a business, this book shines a light on a source of income that most remain totally unaware of.

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