Stress: Overcoming Real-Life Issues with God
by Dr. Steven Haymon, Ph.D.
Carpenter's Son Publishing

"What is God saying about you?... Acts 13:22, I found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do. We keep trying to accomplish our dreams and goals under our own strength... to fully utilize our gifts, we have to be connected to the right power source—God—or they will remain only potential that was never fully actualized."

Stress is one of most commonly referenced concepts impacting health and well-being. In fact, studies show that excess or burdensome stress probably causes many minor and serious illnesses. If this is so, how does one control, deal with, and handle stress in order to stay healthy? This Biblically-based book offers guidance of a practical nature which can help hurting people cope with the stress of: illness, cancer, marriage, parenting, conflict resolution, life strategies, boundaries, depression, eating disorders, and grief. Bible quotes, thoughtful questioning, practical storytelling and specific spiritual answers offer survival and hope.

Most of the book's messages are profound and yet, so simple. According to the author, "These principles are God breathed, Biblical scriptures. Therefore, they help guide readers to peace, contentment and maturity within the mist of their life's storms." For example, in the "The Eyes of God" chapter, the author asks the question, "Can God make mistakes about us?" He suggests that not seeing ourselves through the eyes of God and how he has created us, can cause people to use various "coping mechanisms in an attempt to compensate for what we see as our deficiencies," (such as plastic surgery and man-made substances to change looks or feelings about oneself.) The salient point, "If we haven't accepted ourselves, can we really love ourselves?" challenges readers to love themselves as they are, as God made them.

Haymon asks the reader to consider whether God made mistakes in His formation of each person. The author's insights show familiarity with the Bible and God's messages for mankind. With forty-two years in clinic practice, Dr. Haymon clearly knows the many life stressors that impact people on a daily basis. No one is immune, and the stories he shares are relevant and helpful. Reading this well-written, self-help guide may be a life saver for many.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review.

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