Stress Is Good
by Stanley Abbott

"Stress, properly coped with, can make you more vibrant, creative, effective, and joyful."

Everyone experiences stress. You might be able to handle an immense amount of stress or you might buckle at the slightest pressure, but we all have a tipping point: that moment when the stress becomes overwhelming. When this happens, it's time to get creative. Stress Is Good aims to teach readers how to conquer stress in a creative and effective manner and grow from the experience. The book outlines a number of stress-management techniques which will help you turn your stress into a road-map to success.

The central premise behind this stress-coping manual is that everyone should "be DEAR to themselves"—that is, to pay special attention to their diet, exercise, attitude, and relaxation. The book states that actively seeking to improve all four aspects of your life will significantly improve your levels of stress (and, as a bonus, your overall health). Stress Is Good includes a series of checklists to help you gauge your stress and learn more about your body and self. Aside from these charts, the book is largely abstract, including little actionable content but plenty of discussion to get you started in the right direction. It contains ideas for dealing with stress that can be applied to other areas of life, such as creating a life map and setting realistic goals. Readers can then use the checklists to track their progress. Stress Is Good is not for everyone: it aims its ideas at those whose stress comes from their relationships or professions, and assumes the reader already knows how to handle everyday stressors. It's when these stressors pile up and begin to overwhelm that this short instructional book steps in. Dealing with stress might never become "fun" as the book suggests, but (with the help of some outside-the-box thinking) it can certainly become easier.

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