Success Is Within You: Third Edition
by Michael W. Jackson
Balboa Press

"One sees his life as prosperous and the other sees his life as a struggle to make ends meet. Which person has the correct perspective? They are both correct."

Jackson, with this easy-to-digest and elegant read, has laid out a plan for defining success for oneself and for realizing one’s best potential. The entirety of the universe is within a person, and indeed every human being is a unique manifestation of existence. As such, success and the fulfillment of one’s deepest dreams, desires, goals, and happiness also lay innately within.

As the author tells the reader, the manuscript has gone through various iterations, and it is the third edition (this one) with which he’s happiest. Further, Jackson describes this edition as being most up-to-date (having expanded upon and edited out some earlier material). Jackson, himself a scientist, marvels at the unique and astounding capabilities of the human race, and throughout the book, his unbound enthusiasm is contagious. “Regardless the level of wealth,” Jackson writes, “human beings somehow find a way to get things they really want. It is amazing how resourceful and creative we can be when there is a burning desire in our consciousness that must be satisfied.”

One of many insightful highlights Jackson’s book presents is the case he makes, whether intentional or not, that belief in Almighty God and science—including the pursuit of its scientific methodologies—are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Jackson himself is a scientist, always asking questions, never settling for the mediocre, and never shying away from bold decision-making and seeking, through his unique writings, to inspire the same in others. With a background in chemistry and interests including music and cosmology, Jackson aims higher and higher, and this read is a testament to such an unfettered spirit.

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