Sweet Karoline
by Catherine Astolfo
Sweet Karoline

"When you are lovely on the outside, it's always difficult to entice people to look for the true person underneath."

Anne Williams believes that she killed her friend Karoline. But she can't bring herself to confess this to Detective Ethan Byrne who is handling her case—at least not at the moment. Anne is confused and bewildered, let alone ashamed that she has become a cold-blooded murderer. At the same time that she fills Ethan in with details about Karoline's death, Anne is reliving all the events leading up to that fateful day. Ironically, Anne and Ethan fall in love, and as their relationship deepens, she reveals letters that she found hidden among Karoline's belongings, which contain shocking information. When Anne decides to investigate further, she not only learns about her past, but also the truth behind Karoline's demise.

Award winning author Catherine Astolfo spins a twisted and unnerving tale of a close-knit friendship that runs amok. Astolfo's first person narrative flows more like a memoir than a novel. Astolfo's featured character, Anne Williams, shares about her incredible relationship with Karoline—her childhood friend and long-time confidante, and her personal investigation. Anne closes each portion of her story with "Dear Diary" entries. Although Anne is a dynamic character, her persona is shrouded in mystery until Astolfo slowly introduces clues into un-hackneyed scenes that alternate between Anne's police report, her flashbacks, and her past. While Astolfo knows how to keep her readers clueless and in suspense yet absolutely captivated, she also knows how to keep her plot balanced by deftly interweaving tender familial connections and love scenes amid an intense investigation. Earmarked to be an award-winning classic, Sweet Karoline is undoubtedly a gripping page-turner to the very end.

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