Sweetness of the Heart, Mind, and Soul
by Pete Frierson
Trafford Publishing

"Don't give up on your dreams, for sometimes dreams are all we have."

From thoughts on love, marriage, and the pleasures of outdoor grilling, to the generosity of Oprah Winfrey and the essence of a lie, Pete Frierson covers a wide rage of topics in this inspiring collection combining narrative prose, poetic verse, and insightful messages. Divided into four sections, i. e. life, love, family and friends, and inspiration, the underlying overlap of thought provides a flow for those reading this work cover to cover. For those preferring random selections, the choices are relatable and self-contained.

Frierson taps into heartfelt emotion with poems like "It Is Human To Cry," and "She Lost A Daughter," In the aptly titled "I'm Tired," the author reflects on coping with a serious illness. Whether personal or observed, readers will sense the struggle for survival. While much of Frierson's writing embraces a storytelling type format rather than a more traditional style of verse, there are several instances of repetitive title phrases and refrains incorporated throughout his work. Like the connective chorus of a song, these patterns lend a rhythm to the poetry.

As a man who looks to God for guidance and inspiration in both life and work, here the poet reveals "I write because it is an expression of myself, a gift from God, a way to express words like never before." Whether voicing the female perspective in "Single With Kids Does Not Mean The End," or addressing modern day issues of "I Was Watching The News" where he speaks of the tragedy of a young African American athlete, shot and killed by a police officer, Frierson is clearly a keen observer of the world. Frierson's "Life Is Good" poem might bring to mind for readers the popular company of the same name, known for its simple T-shirt designs showcasing phrases that promote happiness in the everyday. With a similar intent, here Frierson's verse suggests being thankful for each day and all its blessings. Both creative results give us messages to ponder and beautiful words of encouragement.

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