"If you really want to impress your playing partners, take notes of the holes (Sometimes a golf course will have yardage books--buy it!)."

When dealing with a game as challenging and occasionally frustrating as golf, it’s important to be able to laugh at your mistakes while also growing in skill and ability. In this guide for newcomers, the author provides a list of goals and an approach to every aspect of golf, all designed to be reasonable and accessible. Using humor and a helpful tone, each chapter of this book will help the player learn what kinds of equipment to buy, how much to spend starting out, what skills to focus on, and even how to make friendly conversation with other players of all walks of life. Drawing on decades of experience and a genuine love for the game of golf, the author will get you ready to hit the links and just have a good time while also being respectful of the grounds and the other players.

Golf can be intimidating not just because of the degree of difficulty but also due to the sort of elitism that some people bring with them onto the golf course. Stevens’ approach is disarming and encouraging, sharing a love for the game and a firsthand knowledge of all the frustrations new players face. Through several helpful tips and wisdom from top players, popular golf authors, and the governing bodies themselves, this book gives anyone interested in the sport of golf a great tool to take with them at their journey’s beginning. In terms of both language and length, this is a very easy, accessible read, one that showcases the fun and rewarding nature of golf for readers of any age, familiarity, or skill level with the subject. Stevens reaches out to his readers to help them share his passion, and that enthusiasm comes through clearly.

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