"As we have three layers, TAI fuses three forms of divination into one. TAI enables the Divine within us to guide us, and brings understanding and wisdom to help us when we need it."

This workbook combines the esoteric teachings of the tarot, astrology, and the I Ching into a creative exploration of the relationship between the three and offers guidance on each of these teachings as well as what the author calls the TAI, his combination of these teachings. The acronym TAI stands for “Tools Assisted Intuition.” The book takes us through the various cards and their meanings, a memory technique to aid in the work, the astrological houses, the five planetary aspects and symbols, and how to interpret these together as a TAI reading. Also, throughout the work, he offers his own teachings and poetry. He gives advice about some specific ways to do readings for clients regarding what he’s found to be valuable. At the end of the book, he has copied magazine articles that describe him, his work, and these teachings.

This is a thorough workbook of this practice as the author offers a variety of teaching tools to aid in this process, including offering various cards, their interpretations, and ways to figure out the spread of the cards. However, it might be best to have a basic understanding of these three teachings before reading and utilizing this workbook, as it is a complicated practice. Because of this complexity, it is possible that not all individuals and practitioners will be able to unwrap the ins-and-outs of these combined ancient systems. Still, the education the author provides about this system is fascinating, as is the insight into his beliefs that this is a newer form of divination that he discovered in 1981. It is obvious that this is a heartfelt work and a creative endeavor.

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