Tangled Thoughts
by Emeline Rodway

"Poetry calls
like a siren
seducing me.
Transfixed, I dive
into churning
waters, struggle
with words and tropes."

In the most memorable poetry compilations, words are the key to unlocking an infinite reservoir of imagination. Through a poignant use of imagery and an exceptional command of figurative language, Rodway’s work is undoubtedly that key. Covering a number of niche topics, this collection stands out in its ability to tackle complexities within feminism, social justice, and the art of writing itself.

From the first poem (the namesake, “Tangled Thoughts”), Rodway probes into the recesses of the mind, a constant search to unscramble the puzzle of thoughts and escape the labyrinth of incessant and often dangerous thinking. Perhaps an indication of poems to come, the first poem uses metaphor mixed with personification to give life to words that complete the ultimate objective: to make people feel.

Stylistically, there is a fitting combination of structured versus free verse, but the imagery is most captivating. In one instance, using alliteration, Rodway paints an image of curling toes “around crumbling cliffs clinging to the rim of sensible logic.” Similarly, “Creative Mining” portrays the escape from reality and the hunt for the literary idea as a “dive into an abyss of solitude and return with a gem.” Similarly, poems like “Wordless” do justice to every writer’s worst nightmare: losing the words that give feeling to the senses.

Whether grief is being described as an all-consuming guest or peace as a fragile China set, ready to easily shatter, Rodway’s talent is in taking any topic and finding a relatable comparison to connect with all audiences. At its root, the range of topics reflected in Rodway’s poetry makes it clear that she is a woman of diverse interests who is unafraid to speak her mind and give words to the human condition by painting on the canvas of the human mind.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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