Tear Drops: Part 2
by Gideon C. Mekwunye

". . . never give up at any time for only the strong survive."

The continuation of the quick-witted Chiwinke's story begins as he enters America once again to find a better life for his family. The American Dream has been an ideological construct for decades that has brought multiple families to the New World in search of a new life and prosperity. Now that a lot of his family is in America, Mekwunye surrounds his novel around the idea that education is an essential way to achieve success through his character Chiwinke. As this second part unfolds, Chiwinke reconnects with his brothers and friends in America while displaying the struggles and trials many immigrants have to go through. Mekwunye often displays the hardships of finding work in America, showcasing a language barrier, racism, financial issues, and having to work the most unpleasant jobs around. He even has to fight off angry dogs so that he can survive. Chiwinke is the epitome of this hard work as he works three of the most tedious and underpaid jobs to save up to permanently move to America and go to school.

The organizational style makes the telling of Chiwinke’s story flow. Rather than chapters that have traditional developments, Mekwunye breaks up the sections into significant events of Chiwinke's immigration process that help create a faster pace. This technique allows the story to unfold without any unnecessary events that do not add to the overall themes. Mekuwunye's depiction of the life of immigrants through Chiwinke brings forth the question of immigration law reforms. However, the overall themes and takeaways from this story are that of hard work and perseverance. This book is perfect for those who enjoy heartwarming dramas that focus on strength and personal determination.

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