Terran Command: Quest for Freedom
by John Daniel Pontius
Urlink Print & Media, LLC

"Jonathan’s team responded with grenades of their own. There was silence as the smoke once again cleared."

The Braxtons, hailing from planet Earth, are unfamiliar with aliens in general. But they still find themselves embroiled in a crazy and intense battle for freedom involving many different planets and beings. Lieutenant Colonel John Braxton and his family—his wife, Victoria, and his two sons, David and Jonathan—become entangled in a struggle bigger than they can ever imagine after simply reading a news story one day. They wind up joining forces with the Cassaria aliens as they search for Gamoran pirates who have captured the children of King Toburg, the leader of Cassaria.

As a result, both the Braxtons and the Cassarians come to understand the magnitude of the threat that the Gamoran pirates bring. The result of the space-based war will determine the fate of every person on Earth and every alien in space, and the Braxtons must summon the courage and determination to make great things happen. In the end, not only must they rescue the Cassarian children from the hands of the Gamoran pirates, but they must also neutralize an attempt to conquer many different inhabited planets.

The author’s writing is incredibly descriptive, and each adjective aids the reader in further understanding the world in which he or she has stepped. While the plot is otherworldly, the characters are believable, and readers who enjoy science fiction might find themselves rooting for both the Braxtons and the Cassarians as they embark on a crazy and sometimes scary adventure in the intergalactic realm. With its entertaining narrative of a true battle between good and evil, this novel is sure to please.

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