by Kay Sellers

"I believe that you are a unique and gifted individual who only wants to help."

The first book in a series, this novel is the culmination of several genres all thrown into one—part coming-of-age story, part police procedural, and part travelogue. While the title may initially fool readers into believing that Tess is the main character, it is actually Jannet Russman who is the focus. Jannet is an extraordinary woman, with empathic hypersensitivity and synesthesia, giving her greatly heightened psychic abilities. While traveling in Spain, she finds herself involved with the Madrid Police Department and the cold cases they are trying to solve. Can Jannet help the police to solve these cases in time? Who exactly is Tess, and what does she want with Jannet? All questions will be wrapped up in a thrilling conclusion that will leave readers wanting more.

This is an interesting read that can make the reader feel almost as if they’re listening to their own friend’s diary entries. The way that the story is broken up into segments is a unique way of conveying such a story to an audience. It allows readers to be a part of what is going on in Jannet’s life and all the things she’s going through in her trials and tribulations. The concept of the story itself, one where the main character helps with a police investigation while traveling somewhere, is not unheard of. However, Seller’s unique take on her main character makes it stand out. While some of the wording can be mechanical, the story itself is rich with mystery. All in all, this is a novel that creates a unique atmosphere that will keep the pages turning.

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