The 3-6-9-12 Diet
by Pamela DeSimone
Trafford Publishing

"I am hopeful that people will tell me that this diet finally worked for them. My heartfelt wish for everyone is to lose weight, keep it off, and still enjoy the foods you love!"

For a long time, the author—a 48-year old wife, mother, and paralegal from Connecticut—had the urge to truly enjoy eating whatever she wanted to eat. That, however, resulted in weight gain, a reality with which she was unhappy. So she diligently began to work on what soon became a second urge: to lose enough weight so that she could look and feel her very best. She did some research, established an objective, and decided to commit to attaining her goal. And once she did reach the level of success that made her proud and pleased, she confidently acted on urge number three: to write a book about her experience. At under 70 pages, it is quite a slender volume, but its infectious optimism and easy-to-follow tips make it a substantial and useful addition to any bookshelf.

The author has found a winning formula not just to lose weight and keep it off but to effectively share her success with the rest of us. Her central premise is that it’s all about the numbers—the daily calories one must plan for, count, and adhere to. Apparently, it’s that simple. Occasional cheating is not only allowed, she says, but encouraged. The book is written as if the author were sitting with us in our living rooms, making us believe by sheer enthusiasm, humor, and sincerity. Informal and unassuming, she is also honest about her initial struggles, which is perhaps why her success is so admirable. Combined with its seemingly sensible principles, the easy and friendly style of this tutorial makes this book seem far more digestible than many fatter entries by noted specialists and authorities.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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