The Accidental King of Achoo
by Linda J. Falkner, LMHC

"Orgizo himself had never actually considered the job of king… He only wanted to win the contest in order to prove that he was the best."

In a peaceful valley beyond the sneeze trees, a small community of people prepares to choose a new king. Kings are chosen through tests of strength and endurance, which ensure only the best person for the job is selected—until now. When the unlikable Orgizo enters the race, no one believes he'll win. He is slower, older, and less experienced than the other contestants. Yet through trickery and cheating, Orgizo gains followers and emerges as a very real, potential candidate for the kingship. The once-peaceful valley is torn apart and thrown into chaos, all because of one man. How does a completely unqualified man become the ruler of an intelligent community of people?

This story is clearly an allegory for the recent political events in America and the division they have caused in the nation. Each character bears a striking resemblance to a real person, and each is bestowed with a symbolic name so there is no question about who each character represents. To put it simply, this book is a hate letter to Trump. As you might expect, this is a highly biased retelling of the events, and readers will either dislike it or laugh along with the author. By stripping society of its complexities and instead portraying it as a simple one, the author amplifies the absurdity of the real-world parallel and highlights the folly of choosing charisma over wisdom. Much of the book is delightfully clever, written in the style of an old parable; at other points, it descends into juvenile fantasies. Certain scenes aside, though, this short book is sure to delight anyone who shares the author's political views.

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