The Adventures of Harry Stone
by Larry Horowitz

"Inside the Galaxis something very odd is taking place. The entire crew is experiencing a strange sensation as they are temporarily removed from normal space-time."

Rachel Mannix sits between two young men who will play a tremendous role in the events of her life. Harry Stone, her childhood friend and now boyfriend is serving time in a juvenile detention center for killing a bully in a fight. Though smart and good-hearted, his emotions can overpower him. Sherman Hollingsworth is an anti-social science whiz who doesn’t have any time for human interaction and social niceties. As these three enter adulthood, they all become brilliant scientists in their own right, but Sherman is able to follow his dream of unlocking the mysteries of hyperspace. Once they embark on the test of Sherman’s theories, they end up leaving the galaxy and being made into slaves of a foul race of aliens. Escape seems impossible, but between Sherman’s intellect and Harry’s never-say-die attitude, the group of humans is determined to make it home.

Full of danger, cunning, and the right amount of pulpy, mid-century science fiction, this story gives readers more than a handful of tonal and narrative surprises. Beginning the story when its protagonists are still in school, it’s easy to expect this to be a young adult tale about growing up and taking responsibility, but that ends up not being so. What seems as if it might end up being a straightforward science fiction adventure incorporates elements of the paranormal and gritty personal vengeance. Beyond all of the twists is a story that brings together a cast with varying perspectives and backgrounds, tasking them with something mankind has long dreamed about and also feared. Anyone with an interest in interplanetary travel, a diverse group of heroes, or reading about the indomitable human spirit will have a perfect epic to enjoy here.

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