The Adventures of a Problem Solver I
by Richard V. Martin

"As soon as Adler returned to Germany, Garrett called Harvard to tell them he would not be attending the school. Garrett then disappeared."

Garrett Kannis, son of famed businessman Adler Kannis, is perfect in every way: He's handsome, smart, charismatic, and athletic. He hits it off with everyone he meets (including, of course, the ladies), and cruises through life on his charms and his name. Despite a tenuous relationship with his father, Garrett is meant to take over the family business and carry on the prestige of the family name. But the death of his mother makes Garrett rethink his future. Garrett turns down offers from the CIA, the FBI, and his own father to pursue a career in problem solving. There's just one catch: He must successfully build his own business within five years or accept his destiny at the head of the family business.

Thus begin Garrett's adventures, which lead him across Europe and back. Garrett's small detective agency deals with cases deemed unsuitable for the police, ranging from kidnapping to murder. The office is soon home to a collection of employees from different walks of life, all with one thing in common: their admiration and respect for Garrett. The job has Garrett zooming from London to Milan to Rome, but too quickly to take in the surroundings. In fact, much of the novel zooms by a bit too fast to leave a lasting impression. Garrett gets through most situations on charm and magnetism, receiving accolades and women left and right. This is the story of a man who has it just a tad too easy in life, so he lends his problem-solving skills to others who might need them. If James Bond were a detective, he would be Garrett Kannis.

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