"God has established a time of reckoning to bring His justice over the whole creation in its multiple alternate realities."

The Book of Revelation (sometimes called The Apocalypse of John) in the New Testament has always evoked speculation. As author Crosley notes, the central event prophesied in the writing—the second coming of Jesus Christ—has yet to take place, despite many signs of upheaval on earth, many of them notable in the past 100 years. Crosley asserts that the “last days” began with Jesus’ first advent, and the great judgment predicted will happen, but not in the way that many people believe and not in this century. Examining in detail the many symbolic elements—the Four Horses, the Seven Seals, the Bowls of Wrath—Crosley brings the coming events into sharper focus with one radical prediction: that the final apocalyptic struggle will involve as yet unseen beings—saints, angels, aliens, and demons—springing into action from alternate realities.

Crosley has studied the Apocalypse of John in depth and has constructed a powerful, at times dark, at times hopeful scenario about the end times. His narrative is tight, with a sense of authentic academic weight. He does not shrink from citing the perennial questioning surrounding God’s purpose for the nation of Israel and the suspicions and hostilities regarding it among some followers of Islam. He tackles such thorny issues as the meaning behind the “144,000 Jews,” the concept of eternal damnation, and the dimension and specific features of the promised “new heaven and new earth.” Though much of what Crosley writes about is, as he avers, not absolutely verifiable, he presents sufficient rationale to build the case for his theory that the apocalypse will entail what he calls the “eternity dimension.” With obvious careful research, well-considered conjecture, and a lengthy bibliography, Crosley’s work can attract both scholars and laypeople who share his fascination for this intriguing subject.

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