The Blazing: A Vampire Story
by Buffy M. Brinkley

"He looked like a lion with compassion."

Viveca Moreau is a homicide detective in New Orleans, and her latest case borders on the supernatural, with victims featuring bites near their neck similar to that of a vampire. At the same time, a man from Viveca’s past resurfaces, making her question the reality around her. Richard has been trying to undo his curse for centuries and believes Viveca might be the key to his cure. Considering an extremely risky and dangerous undertaking known as The Blazing, Richard is afraid of failing and accidentally hurting Viveca. As the two grow closer to one another, it seems clearer and clearer that their fates are intertwined, and that someone is trying to keep them apart. Will Viveca and Richard be able to figure out who is behind the murders? Will they be able to survive The Blazing?

Introducing a new twist on vampire lore, this novel combines the supernatural with a regular detective beat for an engaging, thrilling story. The author intertwines the myths of vampires with that of dreamwalkers who are based in Native American folklore. Dreamwalkers in this novel can walk through and interact with realities and spirits, making them the key to “saving” a vampire. It’s an interesting concept that plays around with the trope of vampire vs. man. The other part of the tale, the homicide investigation half of the story, holds up well with the supernatural elements woven in. Until the reveal of the antagonist, the author succeeds in keeping readers guessing with all the clues and pseudo-science. This should appeal to fans of urban fantasy as well as those who love a good mystery.

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