The Boy Who Was Destined to Be King
by Ricky D. Wilson
PageTurner, Press and Media

"He would dream about his village having everything so they wouldn’t have to go so far to fetch supplies."

In the small village of Tapolis, on the outskirts of the main city, lived a boy who “was different.” His name was Hope. Hope would sit for hours alone, reading—even by candlelight at nighttime—deep in thought and staring off into space. He simply enjoyed spending all of his time “thinking and dreaming.” Hope, with his “curious eyes,” kept to himself and wanted to learn from books all he could about the world. One day, as the young protagonist was sent into town to secure supplies for his village, he overheard a group of bandits planning to overtake the king and his soldiers and run the kingdom in their own, evil ways. Hope knew at once he had to get word about this nefarious scheme to the king himself. His heroic actions would one day return to pay him back handsomely.

In this charming children’s novella, somewhat in the vein of The Little Prince, the young hero, though a bit different and odd, always displays a humble and honest character, always tells the truth, and seeks that which is best for his family and small village. For this, he is richly rewarded. Young readers will find here a refreshing tale on the importance of reading books and gaining knowledge about the world, of always telling the truth, of persistence, and of bettering the conditions of one’s community through good deeds. The title character is extremely likable, and Wilson has spun a charming tale (presented alongside refreshingly simple, black-and-white illustrations), suitable for sharing with children of any age.

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