The Bramble and the Rose: A Historical Novel
by Sanford Leffler

"Yet, joy was not universal throughout the Federation."

This is a well-written and engaging historical novel. The author is an excellent writer and proves himself to be an equally excellent storyteller. Leffler paints his scenes with great detail and precise descriptions, and the medieval settings are enchanting, misty, and dangerous. Names of characters, primarily Irish, are clever and fun to read. Tristan is a worthy hero and an admiral warrior, as well as, at times, moody and ornery. Princess Isolde, famous within her kingdom for being a laudable healer, changes Tristan’s life by saving him from death. Their love story is convincing and should pull at the heart strings of the hopelessly romantic and the history lover alike.

As with all good dramas, the story is also about deceit. Jealousy, chaos, and treachery run rampant in the kingdoms. The inclusion of Arthur and the Round Table, Excalibur, and twenty-nine swords lends authenticity to this historical novel. The author appears to be well-versed in both the history and settings of medieval times. Long, lyrical sentences will delight any lover of words and literature. Most of the story is delivered through exposition and prose, but the dialogue is convincing. The pages are dense, and although this can sometimes cause the storyline to slow, the author manages to hold onto the reader with his eloquent writing style. Instead of only chapters, there are also four books within the overall novel. The Author’s Notes in the back of the book are a helpful tool for understanding the historical elements of the time periods and settings. The author has succeeded in telling a vivid and colorful historical novel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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