The Broken Truth
by Karl Olson
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc

"Don’t let that Bible sit anymore in dust at your home. Pick it up, and have an open heart when you do."

A man overcomes many setbacks in his life, overcoming problems with a strong sense of biblical truth, as chronicled in this short but emotional book. Olson was the youngest of four children, raised by a loving, dutiful mother and a hardworking, strict father. His early memories included the fear of getting a shot at the doctor’s office; his father chastised him, telling him to let the doctor do his job. Afflicted with various mental and physical problems, Olson lamented that he was the smartest student in special education classes and the slowest in ordinary classes. He experienced success in high school when he excelled at running. Working in a factory, he ran afoul of management and was fired from his job. His father, though stricken with heart trouble, advocated for his son and secured legal help, a move which kept the author employed. On many occasions, Olson experienced powerful, visionary communications through reading Christian scripture.

The author’s wish to help others began early on when he noticed that others who did well mocked those who did not. He determined to be generous, even in victory. Raised in a churchgoing family, he avoided youthful carousing and turned to the Bible, leading to miraculous experiences based on its passages. He writes of these happenings with great sincerity, showing a propensity for spreading the gospel through this medium. His memories are vivid with many, sometimes lengthy, biblical quotations to underscore personal joys and traumas. He recommends the Living Bible for those for whom the King James Version presents comprehension problems due to the older text. On balance, he expresses gratitude to those like his father and certain teachers for taking a strict stance to help him through difficulties. Olson’s personal persistence and deeply held religious beliefs can be an inspiration to those who face similar barriers.

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