The Case for God: A Math Book
by Clancy John Imislund
Lettra Press LLC

"I say the book of Genesis clarifies via allegory--open and shut. No reason to quibble about the length of time elapsed."

Many people claim to have certain proof of God to defend their faith, while others still cite an absolute lack of proof to justify their atheistic views. Making his beliefs well-known, the author embarks on this fictional trial as a structure not to prove such absolutes but rather to provide that all-necessary “reasonable doubt” toward the argument that there cannot be a God. Full of metaphor, anecdote, mathematics, and a sense of humor, each chapter examines topics like evolution, creationism, and physical science to show how each extreme finds its firmly entrenched footing before finding a more rational truth in between these two polar opposites. With an open mind and a kind disposition, this argument for reason will leave a pleasant impression on readers with a similar state of mind.

For what serves primarily as a nonfiction essay, using the framework of a courtroom serves two distinct purposes to great effect. First, it creates a read that is lighter and able to be infused with fictional characters and levity not found in a typical essay. Second, it serves as a perfect way to keep the premise of the argument in the reader’s mind. It does not offer concrete proof one way or another but explains how thinking in absolutes blinds one to the mindset required to have a realistic faith. The author has a very clear and clever sense of humor that he uses to superb effect, keeping readers smiling and enamored with his gift of storytelling even as hard sciences and mathematical formulas are presented. Audiences will be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining or personable book on this subject or even in this genre.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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