"It is necessary that we maintain an awareness of time as we experience situations and circumstances because some things cannot be resolved or changed overnight."

In this follow-up to Understanding the Seasons of God, Louther again returns to the metaphor of seasons to describe different phases of life or activity toward one’s goals. Relating our human experiences of time and either hardship or abundance to the various times of the year, the author draws parallels between each season and biblical figures who either survived or faltered under such conditions. By understanding how time is experienced differently by mortal humans and by the eternal God, readers will have a better understanding of how prayers are received and answered in due time, or how God’s plan operates on a different timetable than the instant gratification that is often expected. With a simple and effective analogy as its hook, this book will help its readers be more mindful of their present circumstances and what their situation calls for as they walk with the Lord.

On its own, this is a helpful lesson in understanding patience and one’s place in God’s greater plans, but the author has gone to every length to make this a functional resource for guidance in all situations. The use of direct biblical references to Solomon, Josiah, Esau, and others gives the reader a greater understanding of how the author defines each season on a spiritual level. But then things go a level or two deeper. Scripture is quoted for further reading, and each chapter also includes its own study guide to engage the reader in critical thinking and application to the events transpiring in their own lives. This book works as a clever way of explaining some of the big questions that people encounter with their faith—including why bad things happen to good people—and may help bolster readers through challenging moments and trials.

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