"A greater understanding of how power and authority operates may facilitate greater success for all of us."

In this nuanced portrayal of power and authority, a distinct contrast is drawn regarding the corrupting influence of power and the God-given gift of authority. Sanon sifts through examples from history, politics, business, and the church to illuminate the differences between power and authority. In addition to this thought-provoking topic, Sanon also offers advice for people seeking to better their personal and professional lives by cultivating key characteristics like patience and persistence while also building a network. Sanon sprinkles sound suggestions for living a life built on ethics, particularly in the workplace. He posits that living by these ethical tenets establishes authority, and authority leads with love and compassion as opposed to power, which leads with selfishness and cruelty.

Sanon’s zigzag through the macro view of power and authority to the micro view is sometimes challenging to follow, but wisdom shines through with each sharp turn through Haitian history, the dynamics of the workplace, and the role of the Creator God. He draws on his own life experience, his analysis of historical events, and his interpretations of the Bible to examine ways to find purpose in life and influence in communities. This worthwhile exploration lacks cohesion at times, but the principles are sound and can be used to help people define success for their own lives. Informative and motivational, Sanon’s book encourages readers to seek personal transformation by answering the call to embrace their purpose and seek authority rather than power. The chapters that focus on practical advice and encouraging truths about the path to fulfillment will inspire readers.

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