The Conspiracy: An Innocent Priest
by Liam McCarthy
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"My case is a multiple series of twists and turns and requires great patience and intelligence to sort out the story in its pure state."

In the late nineties, the media was inundated with stories of how children had been molested by priests. Panic ensued, and along with the guilty, many innocent priests were also falsely accused of the horrendous crime of pedophilia. This is the story of one such priest. Written by the accused, it includes journal entries, letters from parishioners, and police reports of the alleged incident. It is an honest and intriguing account of one who, having been falsely accused, struggles to understand what has happened. Not only does the book contain McCarthy’s heartbreaking account of his ordeal, but it is also filled with scriptures and writings which helped him get through it as well as advice on such themes as marriage, death, and faith that he has gleaned from his forty years of service as a priest in the Catholic Church.

The author renders a well-written account of his time of trial which is at times agonizing. His honesty about his faith and the doubts with which he struggles as he endures the false accusation produces a gripping account of one who finds his life completely upended. Readers will find, within the pages of this account, help in dealing with their own problems in life. McCarthy speaks with emotional depth about his life during the five years he fought for justice in the face of false accusations. It is a cautionary tale for priests or anyone working with children and offers suggestions on how to engage with others in today’s world. Readers will be shown how mass hysteria affects judgment and leads to quick conclusions concerning the guilt of the accused. It is an interesting read that will leave the reader with much to consider.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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