The Cost of Justice
by Michael Skeen
Outskirts Press

"...a segment of our population has been convinced that the government is the enemy..."

Fast-paced and realistic, this novel is enthralling. The author imagines, "What if the news media worst case scenarios of our time actually came true?" Skeen puts the possibilities in writing in a three-book series. Although this is the final book in the trilogy, it stands alone without confusion.

In the novel, potential civil war threatens the United States from within while world politics and physical disaster plague the USA simultaneously. Parts of the West Coast threaten to secede from the union. Russia, China, and the Islamic State are all planning attacks on America, and a multi-continental chain of earthquakes takes the world by surprise, leading to extensive damage globally.

Vivid tactical war descriptions keep the novel's tension high. Only a writer trained in combat could write with such convincing descriptions and details of war strategy, strikes, and outcomes. Skeen writes with flair. He skillfully develops all of the characters, making them realistic and imaginable. To further add depth to the book, there is also a religious element. President Samuels repeatedly prays to God for strength and wisdom. Will God guide him in minimizing loss of lives and righting the world, bringing peace and stability back to earth?

The themes in the book don't end there. Perhaps the most important point of the book is summed up in one simple sentence, "...he shook his head at the thought that humanity could make such accomplishments in technology yet still believe that people must slaughter each other to get ahead?" The book is a one-night read because the intrigue is high and the action is fast. You won't put it down until you find out if the USA can be saved.

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