The Crossroads of Space and Time
by Charles & Irene Nickerson

"He cleared the door, looked at Mr. Alex, just as his head exploded."

The discovery of a wormhole has granted a species of anthropomorphic bears access to solar systems other than their own. Soon they are exploring, colonizing, and trading between new worlds and species. Going undercover on a resort cruise, Tiberius and Babs are in a position to off-load some precious cargo and make a profit while also enjoying time together as an engaged couple. Tiberius is overcome with emotion sharing a bed with his betrothed, and he decides he can not wait a day longer to marry Babs. Their joy and enthusiasm is short-lived, however, with the arrival of some Orion pirates looking to capture some high-value targets. While the pirates are easily dispatched, their client, an angry shape-shifter who is leading an invasion of the bears' worlds, is hell-bent on total domination.

This story follows a long tradition of science fiction dedicated to the exploration and celebration of a diverse universe full of various worlds each home to unique alien species. Drawing inspiration from work like Star Trek, the author goes a step further in this story, including some of the aliens introduced in Star Trek in a fashion that supposes that with infinite possibility and distance, what the audience perceives as fiction could certainly be fact somewhere out there. The book itself paces itself strongly with elements of fantasy intertwined with the science, plenty of action scenes, and the presence of the wholesome romance between Tiberius and Babs. As a celebration of classic science fiction across all mediums, readers looking for something wholly unfamiliar will still be satisfied with parts of this story. Those simply looking for a strange trip through the stars and a cast of wondrous creatures will come away thrilled.

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