The Datura Solution: The Max Foreman Story, Volume 1
by Patrick R Faure

"The two were no longer operating as a team. They no longer even spoke, like spouses in a marriage gone bad. Steve went about making his rucksack as light as possible to ensure he could run the eight miles in under an hour, while Max was packing for another contingency: surviving in the desert."

Max Foreman is a secret military operative sent on a mission he might not return from. George McMillan is a US ambassador with a penchant for women (the more the better). While one struggles to survive, the other is living it up with a Russian beauty and his many secret lovers. What is the connection between the two men? As Max's fate sends him plummeting toward George, he leaves destruction in his wake. The Datura Solution has betrayal, murder, political intrigue, and a healthy dose of sex are packed to bursting into this thrilling first book.

The novel introduces Max as a man capable of surviving in any situation, a troubled secret agent driven by desire and duty. His only regrets center around his biggest asset: his skill at killing. Yet he is also full of inconsistencies, as he has no qualms putting an end to a life in a tough situation or for the sake of revenge. Reading of Max's adventures is exciting but exhausting, akin to watching a series of action movies back to back: as soon as one adventure ends, the next begins. Max travels from country to country, shedding his past like a snake each time. The author's strength lies not in the sparse dialogue, but in the descriptions. Faure's depiction of setting, action, and even moments of raw passion are what compel the story forward and will keep the readers turning the page. Max may not be quite developed enough yet to become the next James Bond, but he is off to a promising start.

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