The Dean's Wife & Three Young Curates
by Sydney James
Xlibris AU

"They'd each developed a persona to present to others, a mask behind which to hide."

Longtime childhood friends Brian, Alex, and Charles have a unique bond that many are not able to understand. This bond leads all three of them to begin a new career in the church to create new lives that will be more fulfilling. Although the original intention is to find a more comfortable career, the boys quickly learn that this job has its own set of obstacles and tribulations. When all three catch the eye of the Dean's wife, all notions of what they thought will come from this life choice changes.

James captivates readers through the use of characterization. Without the in-depth backgrounds, inner monologues, and defined character personas the author brings to the story, the pathway to understanding the unique relationship the boys have would not exist. The bond the boys share withstands many obstacles, and it creates an effect on readers to where the protagonists seem as one character versus three characters.

Since the boys are going through the process of starting careers in the church, there are many references to church hierarchy and politics. At times, these references give a negative connotation that those of the Christian faith might find offensive. However, while these references are a massive component to the novel, they do not take away from the positive message the story presents. The novel is a good read for mature readers who enjoy fiction writing, religious content, and a fast-paced story. Its character development, along with its well researched religious content, creates a unique plot unlike anything on the market.

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