"Solutions to every problem have already been given and my innermost heart will show me the way."

Gerian Rose has experienced the eight major divorce fears mentioned in her book, including financial loss, children's stress and changes in routine. Having conquered them one at a time, she offers practical and spiritual solutions to retain joy and avoid mistakes of serious consequence. For example, loneliness seems a small fear until experienced after years of family life. The author especially missed having someone with whom to share the day's details, joys, and frustrations alike. She recommends several methods to keep from isolating oneself. Do the things that you enjoy. Use time while your kids are visiting the other parent to watch a movie or go to a restaurant. How about rearranging the furniture the way you like in your home or new apartment? Get a pet or watch animal programs on TV. Now is time to acquire or resurrect a hobby. Only when you are ready, try an online dating service. The author did this too early and found herself immediately matched to her almost ex-husband.

How did Rose emotionally overcome the changes that occurred from separating one family into two? She practiced forgiveness, even preparing herself for a court date by sending loving thoughts to her husband and others who would be in the courtroom. One time the judge found entirely in her favor. Regardless it helped Rose, filling her heart with joy rather than hate.

The book's primary audience is indicated by the title—someone going through a painful divorce. A second target market is anyone contemplating divorce, or such life-changing event, who wishes to retain joy through the process. A question begs to be answered by this secondary audience. If one could adopt an attitude of love and forgiveness ahead of time, should divorce with its painful consequences be needed except in life-threatening cases?

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