"The blood was dark red, like a clot, surrounded by the orange color of the normal background."

Encompassing over a half-century of clinical experiences, Dr. van Heuven’s work is a unique glimpse into the intricacies of the eye. Exhibiting an engaging storytelling style, this narrative simultaneously accomplishes two objectives: audiences will soak in van Heuven’s life through the context of medical vignettes and also gain an incredible level of awareness for maintaining a healthy eye.

Through the experiences of numerous patients, van Heuven takes complex scientific principles such as macular edema and pigmentation in the fundus and breaks them down for the layman to easily understand. Many of the narratives shared consist of exceptional life-altering observations. While reading the different vignettes, it is simply difficult to resist the thought that any of these events could happen to anyone at any moment, and timely care could resolve even the most complex of cases. Though the eye often gets overlooked until the circumstances are more severe, van Heuven demonstrates how eye health is a strong indicator of overall health. From diabetes to stroke, the eye is constantly sending warning signals, even via something seemingly trivial like blurry vision or double vision.

It is rare for practitioners to drop the curtain and show what they are thinking, but van Heuven bucks this trend by painting such an authentic portrait of his patient interactions that audiences could be a fly on the wall. His accounts highlight both the incredible life transformations and the heartwrenching cases he has experienced. In particular, the poignant case of a patient who comes to van Heuven with a strong likelihood of a successful operation and still leaves with complete retina detachment stands out. The author’s text is well suited for everyone, from medical practitioners and patients to the common masses that will recognize certain symptoms in their own lives just from reading this book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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