The Four Guardians
by Jessica and Jordan Fisher

"'All you need to know is that you are the child I was sent to protect; and I am your follower.'"

Many years ago, there was an ancient civilization known as the Children of Geia. These beings were very connected to the earth and able to use magic in the forms of the four elements: wind, fire, earth, and water. The humans who shared the world with them were terrified of the angel-like people with their beautiful, white wings. A war broke out, with the humans seeking to destroy the beings they feared. Only a handful of survivors were left on both sides, spreading out across the world of Minemi. Years later, four followers seek out the remaining “guardians.” Together, the guardians and their followers must fight back the monsters of darkness coming to consume a town and also find the cure. Can the guardians learn to master their elements? Can they push back the darkness and save the world?

This is an epic tale in a small package, an ambitious story that spans a little more than one hundred pages. It has a unique take on magical abilities tied to the elements, making it stand out in comparison to other stories of a similar theme. There is a heavy focus on the four guardians and their followers, and the playfulness exhibited among them is one of the book’s best features. Further development of these main characters and their individual stories would give this story an advantage in this genre. However, what is given still makes for a nice story overall. Although readers only have a short amount of time with these characters, their interesting storylines and the way they are all tied together will leave readers wanting more.

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