"When Johnny was five, it began. Almost every night, the youngster had the same dream."

By the time Johnny Franklin is five, he is hunting and fishing with his father, John, and helping with chores around their northern California cabin. He is also the protector of his younger twin brothers, Denny and Donald. The family is close, and as the boys grow, Johnny enjoys the adventures he shares with his dad in the wilderness. Eventually, Johnny marries Becka Jones. When his new bride's family decides to move to Alaska to stake their claim on land there, Johnny and his wife leave with them. Johnny's other family members soon follow to seek their fortune in the Alaskan wilderness, and the families grow even closer. The only thing that puts a damper on this new adventure is the persistent dream Johnny has had since childhood. Always at the back of his mind is the fear that perhaps the dream is a premonition.

This story of family ties and adventure is permeated with the deep faith that binds the two families together. Alaska is rife with many trials and tribulations. Yet, at all times, they seek God's guidance through each endeavor, keeping his word at the forefront of their lives. Though the story takes place in the 1960s, the nature of the Alaskan wilderness makes it seem a much more primitive time. The struggles the families go through are heartbreaking at times. One grows to admire their perseverance in the face of hardships in the untamed and beautiful landscape. With its underlying theme of reliance on God and unshakable faith, this is a book that is bound to leave readers admiring the steadfast tenacity of characters who forge their way in sometimes brutal circumstances.

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