The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune
by M.A. Frost
Partridge Publishing

"The sword was plain, silver coloured, with spiky edges. It had a gem inlaid on the blade close to its handle. He swung the sword once and summoned a burst of dusty wind."

Azalar and Ferend, two freelancing mercenaries, find themselves entrusted by King Rowd to train the soldiers of Selenor against an encroaching evil. As they navigate the impending war knocking on Selenor's boundaries, an ancient evil reemerges. The two find themselves relying not only on their esteemed training but also on the unlikely friendships they make with Maiya, Princess of Selenor, and her maidservant, Lenne. When an ancient, magical sword falls into the wrong hands and unleashes a hellish magic from the past, Azalar and Ferend risk life and limb to protect Selenor and its inhabitants. As they witness the deaths of those they've come to defend and face narrow escapes from harrowingly adventurous situations, the two mercenaries transform from being the hunters to being the prey.

Set in a world where wizards control magic in all forms and where an object as simple as a sword holds more power than all of the world's kingdoms combined, this book becomes the ideal read for any lover of fantasy. With adventures as engaging and strategized as those encountered in Magic: The Gathering, this book will appeal to both veterans of and newcomers to the fantasy genre. With its game-like plot and intricate characters, the novel places readers in the action. They find themselves defending cities, guarding princesses, and fighting evil wizards and dragons with all their might to restore order and goodness to a suffering land. This book is as gripping at times as A Game of Thrones and as exciting as the roll of a twenty-sided dice.

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