The Girl Who Electrified the World
by Cliff Ratza
Lightning Brain Press

"Not to worry. You and I will piece this together. I know you are strong, a relentless survivor who can handle the unvarnished truth."

In this sequel to The Girl with the Lightning Brain, Electra Kittner finds herself the lone survivor of a helicopter crash. Left injured and suffering from amnesia, Electra begins to regain her memories and health, though she remains guarded. It seems the helicopter in which she was traveling carried people who had information about the Techno-Plague virus, a virus that causes those affected to quickly fall into dementia. Electra’s mother had been struck by lightning when she was pregnant, thus rendering Electra immune to the Techno-Plague virus and giving her superior strength and intelligence, traits she feels it necessary to hide. Written in three distinct storylines, this second book in the series follows Electra’s evolution as she learns more about her parents and struggles to understand her unusual circumstance while working to keep the virus away from terrorists who wish to weaponize it—a quest which is helped by her position as advisor and speechwriter to the newly elected President.

Though the second in a series, the book quickly brings the reader up to date with the protagonist’s storyline, making it easily accessible as a stand-alone novel. Though written with three storylines, or threads, the book is easy to follow. Because of the very real threat of terrorism and biological warfare, readers will find the premise of a terrorist group attempting to use the Techno-Plague as a weapon in this fast-paced plot intriguing. Lovers of fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure will enjoy this unique novel, and there’s also plenty of political intrigue. Electra is a unique and interesting character, and especially compelling is the subplot of her parents. This is a great read for those who enjoy multifaceted works.

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