The Heart Whisperer
by Hosain Mosavat

"Then I realize
that one small being can love infinitely
and an infinite love can dignify the smallest being."

Mosavat is as interesting and captivating as his poetry. In his mother, the poet inherited a teacher who instilled within him an appreciation for the arts: poetry, music, calligraphy, and painting. Having endured loss during the revolution in Iran, Mosavat moved to the United States and taught physics and math for thirty years. The essence of a Renaissance man, Mosavat’s poetry, inspired by his wife Judy, revolves around love in its myriad forms.

Following a captivating autobiography, the poetry possesses a sense of peace and happiness, a focus on living “one breath at a time.” Mosavat clearly has a grasp of poetic techniques and figurative language—metaphors, similes, and personification of nature are abundant throughout the compilation. Though the poems are untitled, a title is hardly necessary. Electrifying imagery like “heart beating like thunder” combined with a trance-like repetitive structure in several poems adds a meditative quality. In one instance, the repetition of “be still” places an undeniable emphasis on feeling alive and feeling love.

At its core, the poetry is about embracing love, best represented by Mosavat’s comparison of a heart unfolding like a flower opening and emanating energy to the universe. Perhaps the most captivating poems are the poet’s reflections on the beach under the penetrating light of the moon. In one moment, he places the reader at a crossroads, impelling the reader to understand that “there is more to life than worrying about sinking” and to simply become immersed with the universe.

Later, Mosavat explores one’s identity and connection to the universe, stating emphatically, “if there is anything to be, be love.” A riveting poetic structure paired with poetry that will allow the reader to slip from his world of worry and into a world of love and serenity makes this collection a must read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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