The Illusion
by Patrick Garry
Kenric Books

"It was okay to have secrets. Everyone had secrets."

While awaiting his trial, Luke Sellmer reflects on the events leading up to this moment in time. He seems to have everything made considering his troubled past. The youngest executive VP in the largest Minneapolis brokerage firm, Luke hopes to procure a lucrative future by marrying into a well-to-do family. It only seems to get better when Luke is given the position of handling an account once belonging to a prospective U.S. Senator. Unfortunately, he's been living a lie—covering up his past to everyone, except for one person: Justene, his married neighbor with whom he is having an affair. But as Justene attempts to bring their trysts to a close, Luke's life heads in a different direction when his lust for her turns into obsession.

Garry presents an unnerving tale in his latest novel. A work of fiction with elements that could easily be recognized as fact, Garry's plot sheds light on life issues. His narrative, laced with ambiguity and deception, includes a tight cast, many of whom have shallow personas. Garry throws in irony amid a realm replete with low morals by cleverly inserting a priest who more often than not finds himself out of his element. As Garry weaves in a flurry of thought-provoking themes (i.e., guilt, greed, self esteem, morals) in his storyline, readers should not be surprised if their minds frequently wander and reflect on the consequences that follow choices. Designed with numberless chapters, Garry's plot alternates between Luke's past and present life, incorporating a steady stream of unexpected scenes and emotional tension. A human interest story with a psychological twist, The Illusion is one book that will keep you thinking long after you've come to the story's conclusion.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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