The Jackeroo
by Grahame Moore
Xlibris AU

"Tim was being sucked underwater, he held his breath as his life depended on it, till he could no longer fight it."

A mysterious young man is waiting for a ride out in the middle of the Australian wilderness. A traveling group of sheep shearers passes by purely by chance and offers the man some tough but honest work. Quickly, the mysterious man introduces himself as Tim and proves himself not only a capable worker but a reliable ally and skilled foreman. The on-site cook of the job, a woman named Molly with a checkered past, takes notice of Tim and quickly finds herself attracted to him. Together, they explore each other’s dark memories and learn to open up to a mutually supportive relationship that carries them through the good and low times in life.

In a tale about living simply, honestly, and in a harsh environment, this book focuses on two people who rely on each other come what may. As it conceals dark memories and presents dangerous moments, this story’s strengths come from its characters and the honest, sincere way that they communicate and react to the events and situations they find themselves in. The elements of straightforward character motivation, rural settings, and the simple, hard-working life work in harmony to immediately invest the reader into Tim, Molly, and their friends and acquaintances. The author has edited the book to facilitate speed reading, minimizing line breaks and punctuation to allow the reader to progress quickly through the story, even while it spans decades. There’s plenty of danger, mature intimacy, and violent situations to excite those that can handle it, and a powerfully moving story about the sacrifices and the cooperation that people have to make in order to get by, especially in difficult territory.

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